The Tea Towel Fundraiser

- creative, easy, and profitable

Looking for a one of a kind school fundraiser?

For decades, self-portrait tea towel fundraisers have been extremely popular in schools across the UK and Australia. These unique keepsake tea towels, showcase your student’s self-portraits or hand prints on a high quality, 100% cotton, white tea towel. Pamba Towels is offering this adorable Tea Towel Fundraiser to US schools. Click here for the key points that make this fundraiser so successful.


Let Pamba Towels help you run a profitable Tea Towel Fundraiser that is fun and easy. Your parents will be more than happy to purchase their school's custom designed Tea Towel to keep as a memento, give as gifts and to use in the kitchen.


"such a lovely keepsake" ............."just precious" ..........."grandma will love it" 

"just adorable" .........."wow, so cute" .............."never seen this before, I love it"

- Feedback from happy parents